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  • Can I register a group?
    Please contact the Event Secretariat about group registration.
  • How can I participate in the 2023 Unity APAC Industry Summit?
    By clicking the Payment button now at on the Unity Industry Summit 2023 website, you can register for a fee, and then come to the venue on the day of the event.
  • Can a beginner who doesn't know how to use Unity participate?
    Yes. Unity sessions and diverse case studies will be tailored to suit different levels of proficiency, from beginners to skilled individuals. Anyone interested in Unity is welcome to attend.
  • Who can I contact if I have a question?
    You can contact the Event Secretariat (see contact info at the bottom of the FAQ page.)
  • How can I check if my registration has been confirmed?
    Please go to the menu bar at the top of the Unity APAC Industry Summit 2023 website and clickLogin. On the screen that follows, you can check under “My Registration Status”.
  • Can someone else participate on behalf of the registrant?
    If someone other than the person who actually signed up wishes to attend, please log in (or click the Login menu) and change the registrant information under My Registration Status.
  • What is the Unity APAC Industry Summit 2023?
    The 2023 Unity Industry Summit is an event where renowned developers, project managers, and Unity experts from home and abroad share their knowledge of Unity's technologies as well as experiences and real-life examples in a wide range of industries including automotive, architecture, construction, engineering, film, and animation.
  • How can I change my registration information?
    Please contact the Event Secretariat (+82 02-2081-1469) / Consultation hours: 10:00-18:00 (closed on weekends, holidays, and on the day of the event)
  • Is on-site registration possible?
    This event is a pre-registration event due to limited available seats. Participation is possible only if you have paid registration in advance.
  • Can non-developers or students participate?
    Developers, designers, business managers, students, and anyone else interested in Unity can participate.
  • Where can I view the presentation materials again?
    After the event, we will check with the presenters about the release of their presentation materials. Only the materials for which we receive permission will be published on the website, and an email notification will be sent to participants.
  • Can I make a direct deposit or do you accept deferred payment?
    The payment methods that are currently supported are card payments and real-time money transfers. Direct deposit or deferred payment is not supported, so please use one of the payment methods available.
  • Can you issue a certificate of participation (for submission to a company/school)?
    After participating in the event, please contact the APAC Industry Summit 2023 Secretariat to request a participation certificate. You need to provide your registration information to have a certificate issued. (Please note that certificates will not be issued on-site during the event.)
  • Is wireless Internet access available?
    Yes, Wi-Fi (hotel’s Wi-Fi) is available to summit attendees.
  • Will lunch be provided?
    Yes, lunch will be served. The lunch break is from 12:00 to 13:30.
  • An error has occurred during payment.
    Please take a screenshot of the error message, write “Payment Error” in the subject field of an email, and send the email to the APAC Industry Summit 2023 Secretariat.
  • Payment keeps failing.
    If payment fails, please contact Paymentwall (the payment gateway company). ( / +82 02-577–8474)
  • I want a refund. How do I receive one?
    In order to process a refund, please contact the operation office. No refunds after 18:00 (KST), October 4, 2023 Full refunds before 18:00 (KST), October 4, 2023 Cancellations and refunds will be processed within 5 days of application.
  • How can I have a receipt reissued?
    You can have a receipt reissued by going to and displaying your Payment History.
  • Can I receive a tax invoice for the payment that I made?
    If you pay by card or via real-time money transfer, your payment is already completed with the VAT-inclusive amount, and a tax invoice cannot be issued in addition. If you require a tax invoice to be issued, please contact the APAC Industry Summit 2023 Secretariat.
  • Is parking available?
    A parking ticket (free all day) will be provided, but the parking lot will likely be crowded on the day of the event. Please use public transportation if possible.

행사사무국 운영안내


상담 가능시간 : 10:00-18:00
(주말 및 공휴일, 행사 당일은 운영하지 않습니다)


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